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Towards a Greener Future

Until We Meet Again Pet Memorial Center (UWMA) is thrilled to announce our new joint venture with the City of North Vancouver and Lonsdale Energy Corporation (LEC).  This novel partnership is a part of the movement towards a more sustainable future for the City of North Vancouver. By investigating alternative heat sources for residents, the City is continuing to show its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Although UWMA employs the latest cremation technology, boasting some of the most efficient, natural gas fueled cremations available, there is still a by-product of high temperature exhaust flue gases. LEC plans to harness the waste energy in order to provide energy to the LEC distribution network, providing heat and hot water for local businesses and homes.

UWMA is proud to be a part of this exciting new project. We are committed to reducing greenhouse emissions and running an environmentally responsible company and are hopeful that this will lead to remarkable advances for sustainability.

For more information on this project please read the attached Press Release:  http://www.cnv.org/Your-Government/News-Room/News-Releases/2014/11/20/The-City-of-North-Vancouver-and-Lonsdale-Energy-Corp-Secure-Potential-New-Sustainable-Heat-Source