Exotic Love


Many people without pets underestimate the bond that pet owners share with their furry friends and may even question the validity of a person’s grief after the loss of a much beloved pet. There has been a definite shift from animals being a disposable possession towards pets being seen as part of the family. Many cat & dog owners do what they can to make sure their beloved family members stay happy & healthy.  Even after life owners are, more than ever before, looking for ways to honour the lives of their pets.  Many families opt to privately cremate their pet and get their ashes back. They may choose a special urn that reflects their pet’s personality, while others choose to scatter their pet’s ashes in a meaningful location or even hold elaborate celebration of life services.

While most of the pets that come in to Until We Meet Again Pet Memorial Center are cats and dogs, we are seeing an increasing amount of other species for private cremation. Rabbits, hamsters, turtles, fish, birds and snakes are just a few of the exotic species that are now becoming more commonplace as pets.

Unfortunately, owners of exotic pets seem to experience having their love questioned even more often than dog and cat owners do. We have overheard friends and family members of people who have a lost a non-traditional pet dismiss the grief of losing a non-traditional pets; disregarding the bond that formed over years of care:  “It was just a hamster, we can get you another one”. Just as non-pet owners need to be careful not minimize relationships between a dog/cat and its human, cat and dog owners need to be careful not minimize the relationship that others may have with their less conventional pets.

The fact of the matter is that humans forge bonds with all types of animals whether they are furry and four-legged or no-legged and scaly; it doesn’t make the relationship any less meaningful. Exotic pet owners spend countless hours feeding, caring for, training and playing with their pets; some species living over 65 years (Cockatoos). Undoubtedly, bonds form during this time. Exotic pet owners, just like other pet owners, want to honour their cherished pet’s life after death. Until We Meet Again Pet Memorial Center is here to help with these memorial decisions for your beloved friends, whether furry, feathered or scaled.

Follow the link to read more about a man and the 30 years he spent with his beloved snake:





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